About Al

Hey Y'all! My name is Alex and I am the artist behind Al's Pot Heads - yes, those little guys with the faces. As a long time lover of all things artsy, and as a Bachelor of interior design graduate, my career before my lil pot business has consisted of many awesome experiences working in the interior design industry.

Due to the covid lockdowns, I was laid off. With all my new found free time, I discovered my passion for clay and began molding what you now know as Al's Pot Heads. It has brought me so much joy to create these odd little faces! I’m sure this is true for a lot of the people who find themselves here, but I became a *plant mom* throughout the pandemic. Now I live in a mini, indoor rainforest with my adopted children Kevin, Penny and Simon (dog, dog & turtle). 

My online store was closed for a long time while I was experimenting and finding ways to make more Pot Heads than ever before! However, I am so happy to have relaunched the new and improved Al's Pot Heads, and I'm even more excited to continue to expand this small art business with all of your continued support! Whether you have been following me on instagram since the OG pot heads, or you’re a new follower, I appreciate you all so much

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