Pot Head Care

Taking proper care of your Pot Head will help them live a long and healthy life! It's important to note that Pot Heads are as fragile as any other ceramic/clay/terracotta or cement plant pot, and should be handled with care. If needed, clean only with a damp cloth to avoid damaging the paint job.

After they are painted, they are finished with a water resistant sealer which helps keep moisture from seeping into your Pot Head and ruining the paint job. While this does prevent water damage, using a plastic nursery pot when placing plants inside your Pot Head is a must! This will greatly decrease wear and tear over time and keep your Pot Heads looking as vibrant as ever! 

It is also recommended (but not legally required) that your Pot Heads live indoors year round to avoid damage from harsh weather conditions. Feel free to send me an email at alspotheads@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding the care or use of your Pot Heads.